Gears of War 4 Will Include Split-Screen Co-Op

gears of war 4As lightning-fast internet has become more and more mainstream, playing a game with friends has shifted towards online only. That’s why it is completely refreshing to see that Gears of War 4 will hold to its tradition of split-screen co-op campaigns.

According to GameSpot, players will be able to play the entire game with a friend either locally on a couch or online through the internet. Player one will always take control of JD. For veterans of the series, it has been revealed that JD is Marcus Fenix’s son. The second player has a more interesting choice. Either they can play as JD’s childhood friend Del Walker, or as outsider Kait Diaz.

Just like in past games, the story will occasionally split the characters up. This means that the story will alter slightly depending on the second character.

This is certainly welcoming news to Xbox fans after Halo 5 released without any sort of split-screen co-op options. While online  multiplayer capabilities have been increasing with each generation of consoles, you simply can’t rival the energy that comes from playing with your friends locally.

We still don’t know whether split -screen will carry over into the verses multiplayer portion of the game, Historically, the Gears of War franchise has included split-screen across the board, so we have a good feeling about this game too.

Gears of War 4 is on of our most anticipated games scheduled for release later this year, so expect much more news in the coming months.

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