Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Leaked

final fantasy 15Square Enix planned on revealing the release date for Final Fantasy 15 later this month. However, that surprise may have been ruined ahead of schedule.

According to Gematsu, three independent sources have informed them of the game’s release date. If the allegations are true, we can expect to have our hands on it Friday, September 30, 2016.

Originally, the game was titled Final Fantasy Versus 13. It was revealed for Sony’s PS3 during E3 2006. After going quiet for years, the game was re-revealed at E3 again in 2013 as Final Fantasy 15.

So far, it seems like Square Enix is doing everything right with the upcoming title. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay feels smooth, and the setting looks to blend realism with fantastical elements. What more could we ask for? To get a better idea on what you can expect from the game, check out this footage from the significant demo they released last year.

The game almost feels too big to fail at this point. If it really does turn out to be the success we’re hoping for, then you can expect Final Fantasy to regain its prowess it once had.

To find out for sure, we’re probably going to have to wait till the special event being held on March 30. There we will find out the official release date, as well as new information about the game.

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