7 Nintendo NX Features We Want

Nintendo NX featuresA couple weeks ago, we posted an awesome list of the Top 10 Nintendo NX Games we’d want to play, and for this week, we want to turn our focus towards the Nintendo NX console as a whole. We have a lot of expectations and desires riding on Nintendo’s next console.

With the most recent Nintendo direct discussing a small, and potentially final, wave of games coming to the 3DS and Wii U, we are now beginning to focus on the NX. What will the Nintendo NX console bring to the next generation of gaming? Will it change the tides of war or will it lose more traction than the Wii U has in this past generation?

Only time will tell with the outcome of Nintendo’s next big move, but for now, here are seven Nintendo NX features we want to see:

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1. amiibo Integration

No one can deny the massive success that has come from amiibos. They have sold more than 31 million figures, and considering they were first released in 2014, this is a huge success for Nintendo. I’m not sure Nintendo knew this would be as successful as it has been, and that might be the reason why so few games have amiibo integration. Wii U games that do use amiibo mainly unlock in-game features or items such as costumes and challenges while not using them to store data like Super Smash Bros. Only eleven games currently utilize amiibo on the Wii U and that is a really small number when comparing how many have sold or even how many amiibos there are, 85+ currently. As the number of amiibos have been rising, it’s easy to imagine that when the next Nintendo console comes out they will integrate them in many different ways. Hopefully, Splatoon and Twilight Princess HD’s wolf Link amiibo isn’t a sign of “DLC” being purchased through amiibos. It’s understandable with an amiibo coming out months after a game’s release they unlock some new and exciting content, but they shouldn’t immediately have things sectioned off with purchasing an amiibo being the only option of getting that content.

2. Next Gen Hardware with Next Gen Graphics

nintendo nx hardware

At its core, the Wii U is a good system, even though it may not be selling the best. One of the biggest drawbacks is the hardware behind the system. It’s years behind the competition, and that might not seem like a big issue for a console like the Nintendo 64 in 1996 competing with the PS1, the 3DO, Sega Saturn, and the Atari Jaguar. This is 2016, though, where power matters. Companies need that power to port their games, they need power to compete with other games, and power is necessary to run their operating system. It’s an obvious limitation that Nintendo needs to address and fix for the next system.

The Wii U competes with the 360 and Ps3 when it comes to power, with its 2GB of ram (1 GB dedicated to the OS) and 3 core processor. The PS4 and Xbox One by comparison both have 8GB of ram (roughly 3.5 dedicated to the OS) and an 8-core processor. The difference is apparent and it’s obvious why people think the Wii U doesn’t perform nearly as well against the competition. If the NX can bump up the hardware, then we will see a lot of changes, and hopefully the Nintendo NX resolution will be 1080p.

3. Bring back the third parties

third party developers nintendo

This is something that might be really difficult at this point, but it is something Nintendo needs to mend. Recently, the third party support for Nintendo has been lacking, making both the Wii U and 3DS have smaller libraries compared to their predecessors. The Wii U has had a few ports come to the console like Mass Effect 3, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, and Batman: Arkham City. The Wii U has also been able to showcase the highly-received Bayonetta 2, and potentially, the NX could have Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well as Destiny 2. The Wii U hasn’t been able to receive new games or remastered games, so it’s tough for Nintendo to keep up with Sony and Microsoft’s title count. With indie titles still coming out, they have been able to keep in touch with smaller companies, but companies like Ubisoft, EA, and Activision have been absent. We can only hope that the next console will bring back the third party games.

4. Handheld support

nintendo handheld

With the Nintendo NX rumors going around that the company is integrating their handheld system with their home console, we are incredibly excited about the potential and possible implications. Our minds are at work with all the potential ideas that could be involved. Will they lose the second screen? Will remote play be involved? Will there be more content transfers between the two systems? With Nintendo dipping their toes into the mobile phone gaming world, they have put a lot of fuel to this fire. We want to see the handheld integrated fully with the system. They should move forward with the idea of putting the console into our hands, like they started with the Wii U gamepad. We would like to use both console and handheld together fully and freely, and independently as well. We are hoping some of the rumors come true, though that weird looking controller that was shown as a patent looks pretty wild.

5. Multiplayer/Online overhaul

Nintendo has made successful local multiplayer games for a long time, and are now making successful online games, so the next step is a new online system that works. They need to compete with PSN and Xbox Live as far as functionality is concerned. With Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros, we have seen that Nintendo can integrate online functionality into their games. Now, the company needs an encompassing system to work with every game. Maybe include achievements (editor’s note: yes please!!!), an actual friends list, an even easier way to connect with friends, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, a service like PS plus or Games with Gold. This makes sense with their collection of games with the virtual console, and it would be such an incentive for gamers. With the end of Club Nintendo, we might just see something like this replacing it. We love couch co-op games as much as the next guy, but our fingers are crossed for this, because it would be a huge selling point for the NX.

6. Innovate

Virtual Boy

This is something that is really important, and sometimes overlooked when making a gaming console. Innovation has been a key to the success of Nintendo as a company. Not many people expected to fall in love with two screens with the original DS, or even the motion controls of the Wii. Nintendo is known for pushing the boundaries and finding fun and exciting ways to innovate. The gamepad that was introduced with the Wii U is an underutilized piece of equipment, and at this point, can be seen as a failure to innovate. Nintendo saw the success of tablets and basically put that into their system (which I personally believe was a poor choice on their part).

The touch screen hasn’t been used well in many games, and some games don’t use it at all. Nintendo moved seamlessly into 3D games, used motion controls really well, and even tried their hand at virtual reality (Oh virtual boy). Not every form of innovation has succeeded, but they have found a lot of success from trying. We hope that the NX with prove that the company is willing to continue pushing forward.

7. Take Risks

nintendo nx risks

Just like innovation, this is an overlooked part of making a new console. Nintendo has to be willing to take risks and commit to that risk. Looking back at Nintendo’s console beginnings, the NES, we know the company risked a lot by making a home console to begin with. They released the console in the midst of a major video game crash in 1983. Nintendo could have crashed and burned at that time, but they turned out to be a major reason the industry rose again. They fought the 8-bit war, the 16-bit war, and held strong during the 64-bit war and beyond. Nintendo is a company that has taken many risks and it is time for them to do it all again. The NX needs to be a risky console, it needs to innovate and get everyone talking. With the Wii U being fairly unsuccessful, they need to win back gamers and taking a couple big risks might just be the key. With Pokemon Go and the other mobile phone games coming out, they might be risking a lot with that, but I am hoping they will take risks with the NX and innovate in a way we don’t expect.

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