Below Gets Summer Release Date Window

For those anxiously awaiting to get their hands on Capybara Games’ Below, the wait isn’t going to be as long as we originally anticipated, as the game now has a release window set for Summer 2016.

The developers dropped a brand new trailer — named “Death’s Door” — late yesterday evening, announcing that the game is coming at some point in the summer. Unfortunately, a more specific release date was not given, but at least we now know that Below is coming sooner rather than later.

For those somehow unaware, Below is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler set in a dark world, and it places heavy emphasis on survival.

The new Below trailer gives us a deeper look at the gorgeous-looking indie title, as well as more of its ethereal soundtrack, and we have to say that we want to play the game now more than ever. Hat tip to Game Informer for making us aware of the trailer.

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