WATCH: X-Men Apocalypse Trailer #2

With just over two months till its release, X-Men Apocalypse has come out with another heart-pounding trailer. This time, it’s not looking good for the fate of the planet.

Following the events of Days of Future Past, this movie follows the events of the first and most powerful mutant, Apocalypse. Due to his immortality and invincibility, he has been worshiped as a god since the beginning of civilization. After waking up after thousands of years, he doesn’t like the world he sees. Apocalypse recruits his “Four Horsemen” to cleanse the world of mankind.

Based on this new trailer, fighting Apocalypse is going to take everything they have. The tone certainly doesn’t give us much hope for the new team, and that really excites us.

Apocalypse stars much of the same cast since X-Men: First Class. Joining the cast for the first time is Lana Condor, Oscar Isaac, and Olivia Munn. Condor plays the 80’s and 90’s classic Jubilee. While this isn’t the first time the character has made a big screen appearance, this is definitely her first major role. Munn brings Psylocke to life as one of the Four Horsemen while Isaac portrays Apocalypse, the titular villain.

The X-Men movies have been one hit after another since the reboot with First Class. We’ll be ready with tickets in hand when X-Men Apocalypse releases on May 27.

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