Tyranny: New RPG From Fallout: New Vegas Devs

tyrannyObsidian Entertainment made a resurgence when it released Pillars of Eternity through Kickstarter. Now they’ve just announced Tyranny, another RPG in a similar style.

The game was revealed during the Game Developer’s conference and will continue their partnership with publisher Paradox Interactive. This new RPG takes place in a war-torn world that is ruled by the evil Kyros. The interesting aspect is that you can either fight for or against him. Whichever path you choose, the game will adjust to that decision. tyranny

Additional information is largely unknown, but Obsidian says that players will have to make tough decisions that aren’t just black and white. The developer has already proven themselves with decision based stories when they developed Fallout: New Vegas. While people are split 50/50 with when it’s compared to Fallout 3, it is still a well-made game that added a lot to the Fallout franchise. tyranny

Obsidian has also proved themselves with this style of RPG when they releaed Pillars of Eternity. Not only was it a massive success for the studio itself, but it was received very well critically as well. 

If Tyranny is anywhere near their past efforts as far as quality, then you can be sure that this one will be something great.

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