The Division Update Coming Next Week Says Ubisoft

the division updateUbisoft’s most recent game has seen incredible success since its launch just over one week ago. It comes as no surprise then that next week’s The Division update will be big.

During a weekly announcement from Ubisoft regarding The Division, it was announced the first major update for the game would arrive next week, with details arriving very soon. While nothing else has been said about the update, we can probably assume it won’t be a huge content drop.

The first known content update is not scheduled to arrive until April. This new end game content is called Incursions. In May, the Dark Zone is receiving an update and in June, the first major expansion will be released.

What we think is likely is that Ubisoft is releasing new gear and guns alongside some tweaks to the overall gameplay. There are also a few bugs that they probably are looking to iron out too including two that show off explorable sections of possible expansions. Check out one of these sections in IGN’s video below.

So far, The Division has had a fairly impressive launch both online and off. Players have been able to connect quickly and easily with only a few bumps being reported. With next week’s The Division update just around the corner, we can’t wait to hear about those details.

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