Miitomo U.S. Release Date Set for March by Nintendo

miitomo u.s. release dateIf you are one of the many who is scratching their heads about the fact that Nintendo only released Miitomo to Japan before releasing it anywhere else, be prepared to get some relief as the company has announced that their mii-centric Android and iOS game will be heading to the App Store and Google Play on March 31.

The news comes via the official Nintendo UK account, who says, “Learn unexpected things about your friends with #Miitomo from 31/3 on iOS and Android!”

Think of Miitomo as more of a social app than a game, serving basically like a virtual world of Facebook statuses. The app has blown up in Japan and has become a big hit, picking up over one million users just shortly after it launched. Basically, your Mii can ask questions to others, and others can ask questions to your Mii. You gain XP of sorts to level up your character. What happens when you level is unknown to us, but we’ll let you know if it’s worth it when we get our hands on it in a couple of days.

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