Final Fantasy 15 Release Date and Demo Leaks Early

final fantasy 15 release dateLater tonight, Square Enix was set to reveal the Final Fantasy 15 release date and other details during an event. It’s too bad those details were leaked early.

Thanks to a posting mistake from Gamespot, we now know that the next Final Fantasy game will be releasing on September 30. Their video that was posted early has since been taken down, but a screenshot can be found thanks to a NeoGAF user.

In addition to the release date, it was also announced that Sqaure Enix will be releasing a demo later today. This new demo will showcase the “final visuals and combat system” that will be in the full release. For finishing the demo, players will gain access to an exclusive Carbuncle summon when Final Fantasy 15 releases.

The demo reportedly centers around a younger version of the game’s main character Noctis. Instead of the normal game world, you’ll be playing through a dream world of Noctis’ own imagination.

Demos like these are great for people who are afraid of spoiling the actual game. It exists as its own experience. Basically, you get to play a mini Final Fantasy game for free.

With the Final Fantasy 15 release date set to September 30, we are excited we can dive into this new demo to ease make that wait a little bit easier. If you like what you see, you can pre-order the game here.

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