Stikbold! Dodgeball Game Launching on Xbox One, PS4 Next Week

strikbold xbox oneOccasionally, we’ll come across a game that interests us that we’ve never heard of before. Although we’re obsessive with our gaming news coverage, some things fall through the cracks. Such is the case with Stikbold!, an upcoming multiplayer game that looks like a sort of dodgeball on steroids. Now, we know that the Stikbold! release date has been set for next week.

In fact, it’s available on PC as of yesterday, and it will head to PS4 on April 5 and Xbox One on April 8. It comes from indie publisher Curve Digital and developer Game Swing.

In Stikbold!, players will use simple twin-stick controls to play a game of dodgeball set in a world with epic 70s-inspired artwork. But it’s not just as simple as playing a game of dodgeball, of course, as Game Swing has added off-court hazards, random events and even boss battles to disrupt each and every match. There are a wide variety of “wacky” dodgeball arenas, each of which has their own unique hazards and gameplay elements. It’s slated to become the next hot new couch co-op multiplayer game when it launches, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

For more on Stikbold!, stay tuned to Nerd Much — it looks like we’re going to be covering this one rather closely if it’s as fun to play as it looks. We’re not too sure how we missed it when crafting our list of the 20 best couch-cop games for Xbox One & Ps4, either. For now, check out some gameplay in the Stikbold! trailer below.

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