GamesAssassin's Creed: Origins DLC Plans Detailed

Assassin’s Creed: Origins DLC Plans Detailed

We’re in the final countdown on our way toward Assassin’s Creed Origins‘ October 27th release. Thus, it’s time for Ubisoft to reveal what’s planned for life after launch.

There looks to be two story based DLC packs in the works for the game. In addition to that, we’ll also see two add-on packs, some in-game currency, and a rare weapon for download. These all come included if you purchase the game’s Season Pass. However, there will be free offerings as well.

Let’s cover the premium content that comes included in the Season Pass though. The meat of Ubisoft’s extra content are the story focused DLC offerings. In January the publisher will release The Hidden Ones. It takes place “years” after the original games conclusion. The story revolves around the Brotherhood’s growth as they continue to clash with an occupying Roman regime in a new locale. The DLC will extend the game’s level cap allowing players to progress your character’s stats even further.

The second story DLC is known as The Curse of the Pharaohs. It’s planned to roll out in March. It’s a much more fantastical approach to the game, pitting Bayek against magical beasts in a more mystical world. You’ll take on Anubis warriors, giant scorpions, undead pharaohs and more. You’ll again have your level cap extended allowing Bayek to get even stronger as you progress.

The two premium add-on packs are The Roman Centurion and Horus packs. In each, you’ll have access to a new outfit, weapons, shield and mount. Those packs will be available in November. For Season Pass owners on launch day, Ubisoft will also provide 500 Helix Credits and an exclusive rare weapon known as the Calamity Blade.

The free content that we have incoming sound as though they are modes Ubisoft just didn’t have ready to ship on time. There’s The Trials of the God, coming 15 days after the game’s launch, which appears to be a time trial of sorts. While The Nomad’s Bazaar will be available on launch day. It features a merchant you can find in-game that supplies you with daily quests you can complete for rewards. Photo mode will be downloadable on launch day as well.

Finally, in early 2018, Horde Mode and Discovery Mode will roll out. Horde Mode is the typical implementation of the feature that Gears of War 2 made famous. And then there’s Discovery Tour which Ubisoft is touting as an educational tool of sorts. Allowing unfettered access to explore the game at your leisure and take in the sights.

All the premium content above can be downloaded with the purchase of the Assassin’s Creed Origins Season Pass. Said Season Pass will set you back $39.99. Or you could always purchase the Assassin’s Creed Origins Gold Edition that includes the Season Pass for $110.

Pre-order Assassin’s Creed: Origins here.

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