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Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar Release Date September 19


EA has confirmed the release date for Battlefield 1 DLC, In the Name of the Tsar to come out September 19, 2017 and September 5 for those lucky Premium Pass members. According to EA, this is the “most extensive expansion yet” and will cost about $15 USD if you did not buy the Premium Pass.Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar Release Date September 19

In the Name of the Tsar includes six maps (Lupkow Pass, Albion, Galicia, Brusilov Keep, Tsaritsyn, and Volga River), a new mode called Supply Drop, plenty of new weapons, and Operations. The Lupkow Pass has been available for Premium Pass members for a little while now but September 5 will bring everything else.

In the name of the Tsar boasts an entire Russian Army to join the fight, the Women’s Battalion of Death, and the battles featured will of course be centered around the most famous ones with the Russian Empire at the time. Most of which are between the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Germany, and Russia. I believe this was just when the last Tsar, Nicholas II, was dealing with quite the revolution. His reign lasted only a year before WWI ended, and was promptly executed a year later. There are certainly plenty of battles that occurred in Russia during that time, most of which occurred in the maps named above.

After In the Name of the Tsar comes an Operations update in October, a standard update in November, and December will have another DLC called Turning Tides. Then come sometime in early 2018, an official release date has not been given, the last DLC EA has told us about will be coming, titled Apocalypse. The latter will be about “the most infamous battles” that occurred during WWI.

If you think all this Premium Pass early access sounds like something you need, there is now a Battlefield 1 Revolution edition that includes both the game and the Premium Pass for about $60 USD. That said, you can get Battlefield 1 for free through EA Access and Origin Access for Xbox One and PC respectively.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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