GamesChasm Release Date Set for July, Coming to PC, PS4, Vita

Chasm Release Date Set for July, Coming to PC, PS4, Vita

Chasm is the Metroidvania game you may have forgotten about but it’s alive, well, and more importantly releasing soon. Developed by Bit Kid, this game launched its Kickstarter back on April 12th, 2013. Holy cow, a lot of life has happened since then. But regardless, get ready to fire this up on steam or as a cross-buy on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

In Chasm, you’ll play as a newbie taking on your first mission for the Guildean Kingdom. Eager to prove your worth as a knight you start tracking strange rumors that a mine, vital to the Kingdom, has been shut down. What you discover is that the townspeople have been kidnapped by supernatural creatures emerging from the depths.

Thus begins your adventure: battling against these monsters, exploring the catacombs, and finding powerful new equipment.

Though the overall story is the same for all players, your hero’s journey will be unique: each of the rooms has been hand-designed, and behind the scenes Chasm stitches these rooms together into a one-of-a-kind world map that will be your own.

  • Explore six massive areas procedurally-assembled from hand-crafted rooms
  • Enjoy challenging retro gameplay and authentic pixel art (384×216 native res.)
  • Battle massive bosses and discover new abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas
  • Customize your character by equipping armor, weapons, and spells
  • Coming to PS4/Vita and PC (Win/Mac/Linux via Steam and Humble)

While this may look like the end of Bit Kid’s journey, releasing the game will prove to be its own odyssey. How will the community react to this game? Will it live up to backer expectation after all this time? And will press, as a whole, still care to cover this title? Honestly, I’m pretty tired of the Metroidvania genre but this one looks particularly well done. Let’s just hope its not too grueling difficulty wise.

Looking forward to Chasm? Let us know in the comments!

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