GamesDarwin Project Battle Pass Debuts Next Week

Darwin Project Battle Pass Debuts Next Week

Scavengers Studio, creators of the battle royale title Darwin Project, are implementing a new feature into their game next week. It’s one you’ve likely noticed in other battle royale outings. It’s dubbed the Darwin Project Battle Pass.

Simon Darveau , Creative Director at Scavengers, broke down the new Darwin Project Battle Pass system in the Behind the Scenes video we’ve embedded above. But we’ll also break down the logistics for you here too, because we’re good like that.

The Darwin Project Battle Pass will launch on October 16th. The developers have entitled the first Battle Pass “The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton”. When it launches, the new content will provide some interesting backstory and lore for Darwin Project which will shed light on how the in-game events came to be.

Darwin Project’s first Battle Pass will be Halloween-themed, which is fitting. It will consist of 50 tiers, some of which will reward you with documents which the developers say “you’ll be able to piece together to learn about the bone-chilling fate of Roger D. Glanton.”

You can still experience the events of The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton without purchasing the pass. But should you buy the Darwin Project Battle Pass for 1,000 Ramen in the game’s shop, you’ll gain access to premium weekly challenges that will help elevate you through the higher tiers. Scavengers Studio states that overall value of items you can earn through the Battle Pass equates to about 16,500 Ramen, and they confirm that you’ll be able to recoup “a large part” of the Ramen you initially spent to access the pass.

In addition to the lore documents, the Darwin Project Battle Pass will provide new styles for your clothes and weapons. There’s said to be 65 rewards in total, one of which is the entirely new “Face Details”. There will also be new cloaks and haircuts for your characters too.

You can watch the above video or read up on further details here at Scavengers’ blog. The first Darwin Project Battle Pass, The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton, ends on November 13th.

Darwin Projects joins a slew of other battle royale and online games that have incorporated a battle pass or season pass mechanic. Fortnite Battle Royale proved the model to incredibly successful for Epic Games. PUBG followed suit and implemented something very similar. As did Rocket League just recently with their new Rocket Pass system. We’ll see next week if Scavengers’ take on the system is on par with everyone else’s next week on PC and Xbox One.

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