GamesFinal Fantasy XV Art Book Release Date December 2017

Final Fantasy XV Art Book Release Date December 2017

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In partnership with Square Enix, Cook & Becker present the official art book for Final Fantasy XV, titled The Art & Design of Final Fantasy XV. It will be released sometime during the month of December 2017. No exact date was released, but the book is available for preorder on the Cook & Becker’s website. The link is listed below.Final Fantasy XV Art Book Release Date December 2017

The ark book features in-depth art and design from both the game and the film Kingsglaive. The art is carefully arranged to tell the story of these worlds and how they were built. The “love and dedication” that went into making these titles is clear in each page.

Each sketch, detailed renders, and digital painting tells more about the development of the IP than words ever could. Each idea that was so lovingly crafted and either discarded, worked into something better, or made it all the way to the final copy of the game or film. This book was created and compiled by members of the publisher Cook & Becker, and key members of the art teams responsible for both Final Fantasy XV titles.

There are a whole 220 pages of art, all printed in full color, save the black and white sketches of course. There is a limited edition available if you’re interested, which comes with a special book cover (the yellow and silver you see pictured above), a collector’s box with the same pattern, and 2 exclusive “giclee art prints”. If you don’t already know, giclee is a method of printing art via an Inkjet printer. There is no guarantee of quality with giclee, as all printers are different and the term is used without regulation.

There is guarantee elsewhere, however as the first 500 copies of the limited edition will include a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Final Fantasy XV artists included in the making of the book.

Source: Cook & Becker


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