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All Video Game Releases of 2020 (Updated!)

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Every year, Nerd Much? has your back when it comes to all of the upcoming video game releases, putting them all in a handy release calendar. In the list below, you’ll find all of the game releases of 2020 – and, the list will be frequently updated as publishers announce more dates.

So, whenever a new release date is announced, a title is delayed, or a big reveal is, well, revealed – we’ll update the dynamic list below.

Why? Why go through all the trouble? Simple – it’ll help you to pick and choose which games you want to plan on purchasing in the future so that you can properly budget to pick up those games months ahead of time.

This year, we’ve got a significantly updated layout that will make changing things much easier on us as a publisher (which means we can more easily present the best list of the game release dates of 2020 to our readers). So, seriously, we recommend bookmarking this page for future reference so that you can find every single game releasing in 2020 across all platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, PS5, and Scarlett.

Below, find all of the video game releases 2020 is bringing to us. Let’s get to it!

Note: These are only the confirmed game release dates for 2020 – anything without a publisher-confirmed date will not be included.

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