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10 Great Games With Good Romance Options (And Who To Romance)

In the gaming world, there’s something uniquely satisfying about finding great games with good romance options. It’s not just about the action, the strategy, or the challenge—it’s about the connections you make along the way. These games offer more than just a quest or a battle; they provide an opportunity to dive into complex relationships, make choices that affect your storyline, and sometimes, even find love in the digital realm.

Whether it’s the thrill of wooing a companion in a fantasy RPG or navigating the complexities of relationships in a life sim, the addition of romance options adds a layer of depth and personalization to gameplay, making your gaming experience that much more immersive.

For many gamers, these romantic elements can transform a good game into a great one. From forming deep bonds with characters to experiencing heart-wrenching love stories, you’ll find 10 great games with romance options that allow you to explore narratives that resonate on a personal level.

List Rules

  • These are NOT ranked.
  • Romance must be a CHOICE or OPTION from at least 2 suitors to be considered for this list. Games that have scripted romance between two characters are not considered.
  • Since there are so many great dating sim games and so little that is localized, many dating sims (especially 18+) will be left out of this list. However, localized visual novels will be considered.
  • One character per game/franchise. There will be a balance of genders.
  • Choices are made based on character popularity within a given fanbase, not personal preference.

Persona 4: Golden

Persona 4: Golden shines as a stellar example of how to seamlessly integrate romance options into a deep and engaging RPG narrative. The game, celebrated for its intricate storyline and complex characters, allows players to foster relationships with their teammates, adding a layer of personal investment to the unfolding mystery. The romance options enrich the gameplay experience, providing players with the opportunity to explore different facets of character development and interaction. This addition of romantic relationships does more than just add a subplot; it enhances the emotional depth of the game, making every decision and interaction feel impactful and meaningful.

Popular Pick: Chie Satonaka

Chie Satonaka stands out as a particularly compelling character to pursue romantically in Persona 4: Golden. Her spirited and energetic personality makes every interaction with her memorable and refreshing. Chie’s passion for martial arts and her unwavering dedication to protecting her friends reflect her strong, independent nature, qualities that make her an attractive partner in the game. Romancing Chie allows players to delve deeper into her character, uncovering layers of vulnerability and strength that make her feel real and relatable. Her storyline provides a unique blend of lighthearted moments and serious growth, making Chie not just a love interest, but a deeply integral part of the game’s emotional core.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 stands out in the realm of open-world RPGs not only for its expansive post-apocalyptic environment and deeply engaging storyline but also for its incorporation of romance options. These options add a layer of personalization and emotional depth to the gameplay, allowing players to form meaningful relationships with companions. The romance mechanics offer more than just narrative flavor; they provide gameplay benefits, such as unique perks when a companion’s affection toward the player character reaches its peak. This system encourages players to engage more thoroughly with companions, understanding their backstories and motivations, which enriches the overall experience and adds a human touch to the sprawling wasteland.

Popular Pick: John Hancock

Choosing John Hancock as a romance option is a testament to Fallout 4’s ability to craft complex, unconventional characters who defy post-apocalyptic stereotypes. Hancock, the ghoul mayor of Goodneighbor, embodies themes of acceptance, freedom, and loyalty. Romancing Hancock is not just about the novelty of his character but also about embracing these values. His backstory and personality make him one of the most intriguing companions, offering a unique perspective on the world of Fallout. Hancock’s unwavering loyalty and surprising depth of character provide a compelling reason to explore a romantic path with him, highlighting the game’s strength in building relationships that feel both impactful and genuine.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dorian Pavus

Dragon Age: Inquisition stands out as a remarkable game with romance within the RPG genre, particularly for its deep and engaging characters. These options add a rich layer of complexity and personalization to the gaming experience, allowing players to explore relationships that evolve based on their decisions and interactions throughout the game. The inclusion of diverse and well-developed characters with whom the player can form meaningful connections enhances the emotional depth of the narrative. This feature not only increases replayability as players explore different romantic outcomes but also fosters a greater sense of immersion in the game’s expansive world. The romance options in Dragon Age: Inquisition are celebrated for their inclusivity, offering a variety of relationships that cater to different player preferences and orientations, making it a standout title for those who appreciate character-driven storytelling and emotional engagement.

Popular Pick: Dorian Pavus

Among the game’s memorable cast, Dorian Pavus emerges as a particularly compelling choice for romance. His character is brilliantly written, combining wit, charm, and complexity in a way that captures the player’s interest from the very beginning. Dorian’s personal story—one of struggle, self-acceptance, and courage in the face of societal expectations—resonates deeply, adding layers to his character that are gradually unveiled as the relationship progresses. Choosing to romance Dorian is not just about the romantic interludes; it’s about supporting him through his journey, witnessing his growth, and experiencing a genuinely heartfelt storyline. His vulnerability and strength make the romance both touching and rewarding, providing a narrative experience that is as enriching as it is captivating.

Final Fantasy VII

tifa final fantasy 7
Tifa Lockhart character model.

Final Fantasy VII stands out as a seminal title in the gaming world, not just for its groundbreaking graphics and deep, compelling storyline, but also for its subtle exploration of romantic elements within its narrative. Unlike many other games of its era, it doesn’t explicitly feature a dating sim mechanic but instead weaves potential romantic threads into the main storyline, particularly through its rich character development and interactions. Players find themselves drawn into the emotional dynamics between Cloud Strife and his companions, where choices and interactions hint at deeper bonds, making the game resonate on a more personal level. This nuanced approach to romance adds layers to the characters and their motivations, enriching the player’s investment in the story and its outcomes.

Popular Pick: Tifa Lockhart

Among the possible romantic interests, Tifa Lockhart emerges as a particularly compelling choice for many players. Her long-standing history with Cloud, coupled with her strength, resilience, and compassionate nature, makes her a grounding force in the tumultuous world of Final Fantasy VII. Tifa’s relationship with Cloud is built on a foundation of deep-seated friendship and mutual support, presenting a romance that feels both organic and meaningful. Choosing to pursue this thread offers players a more intimate glimpse into Cloud’s character and his past, further deepening the emotional impact of the game. Tifa’s combination of emotional depth and badassery makes her not just a favorite among fans but a symbol of the game’s enduring appeal.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening stands out in the gaming world not only for its strategic depth and compelling storyline but also for its intricate romance options. This feature adds a rich layer of personalization and emotional engagement, allowing players to build relationships between characters that can even affect the battlefield dynamics. The game’s ability to weave these personal connections into the larger narrative fabric enhances the player’s investment in the story and characters, making every decision feel impactful. The inclusion of marriage options and offspring brings additional strategic elements to consider, as the resulting children inherit skills and traits from their parents, adding a unique generational aspect to the gameplay.

Popular Pick: Chrom

Chrom, as one of the potential suitors in Fire Emblem Awakening, stands out for several reasons. As the game’s central character, his relationship with the player character (should they choose to pair with him) is pivotal to the story, offering a deeply personal connection to the game’s events. His honorable and compassionate nature, coupled with his strong sense of duty, makes him an appealing character to many players. The dynamics of his relationship with the player’s character can significantly influence the game’s narrative and emotional resonance, making him not just a strategic ally but a heartfelt choice for those seeking a meaningful in-game partnership.

Catherine or Katherine

Catherine or Katherine stands out in the gaming world for its intricate narrative and engaging romance options, offering a complex exploration of relationships and adult themes rarely seen in video games. Its strength lies in the moral dilemmas and choices it presents to the player, leading to multiple endings based on the decisions made regarding the protagonist’s romantic entanglements. The game masterfully combines puzzle-solving gameplay with a story that delves deep into the psychology of love, fidelity, and personal growth, making it a compelling experience for those seeking a game with significant romantic depth and complexity.

Popular Pick: Catherine

Catherine, as a romance option, captures the player’s imagination with her enigmatic allure and the thrilling unpredictability she brings to the protagonist’s life. Her character is designed to challenge the player’s perceptions of freedom, desire, and the consequences of pursuing one’s passions unchecked. This makes her not just a love interest within the game but a symbol of temptation and the complexities of adult relationships. Her vibrant personality and the intricate dynamics of her relationship with the protagonist add layers of intrigue and depth to the game, making her a fascinating choice for players drawn to exploring themes of romance and desire in their gaming experiences.

The Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect Trilogy stands out in the gaming world for its deep narrative, expansive universe, and the rich, personal connections players can forge with its characters, particularly through its romance options. These options add layers of complexity and personalization to the gameplay, allowing players to explore relationships that evolve over the course of the trilogy. The inclusion of romance options enriches the emotional depth of the narrative, providing players with a more immersive and emotionally engaging experience. By making choices that affect the fate of entire species and galaxies, the stakes of these romantic entanglements become even more profound, enhancing the overall impact of the story and the player’s connection to the game world.

Popular Pick: Garrus Vakarian

Among the available romantic interests, Garrus Vakarian stands out as a fan-favorite for many reasons. His character development from a by-the-book C-Sec officer to a dependable and loyal companion offers a compelling arc that players find appealing. Garrus’s unique personality, characterized by his dry wit and strong sense of justice, makes his romance path not only engaging but also deeply satisfying. The bond formed with Garrus feels earned, evolving from camaraderie in battle to a deep, mutual respect and affection. His unwavering support and the unique dynamics of his relationship with the player character add a special depth to the game, making Garrus an unforgettable and cherished romance option in the Mass Effect Trilogy.


love in video games

Steins;Gate stands out as a stellar visual novel that masterfully blends scientific intrigue with deeply emotional storylines, including the option for romance that enriches the narrative. Its strength lies in the compelling integration of theoretical science with the personal lives of its characters, creating a narrative that’s as intellectually stimulating as it is emotionally engaging. The game offers players the chance to make choices that not only alter the course of the story but also lead to intimate connections with the characters. These romance options add layers of depth to the characters’ relationships, making each decision feel impactful and meaningful. The careful balance of plot and character development, paired with the chance to explore romantic paths, makes Steins;Gate a uniquely captivating experience.

Popular Pick: Kurisu Makise

Among the available romance options, Kurisu Makise emerges as a standout choice for many players. Her intelligence, coupled with a nuanced personality that reveals vulnerability beneath a tough exterior, makes her interactions with the protagonist, Rintarou Okabe, both heartwarming and complex. The dynamic between Kurisu and Okabe evolves beautifully throughout the game, rooted in mutual respect and a shared passion for science. This depth of character and the emotional resonance of their relationship elevate the romance with Kurisu, making it not just a subplot but a central element of the game’s emotional impact. Kurisu’s blend of brilliance, empathy, and strength makes her an unforgettable character and an ideal romantic partner within the intriguing world of Steins;Gate.

Amnesia: Memories

love in games

Amnesia: Memories stands out in the realm of visual novels for its compelling blend of mystery, romance, and intricate storytelling. What sets this game apart is its deep and engaging romance options that cater to a wide array of preferences and personalities. Each route in the game offers a unique storyline, allowing players to explore different aspects of the protagonist’s relationships with her potential love interests. The choices made by the player genuinely affect the outcome, leading to multiple endings that add significant replay value. The game’s immersive world, combined with its beautifully designed characters and emotional depth, makes Amnesia: Memories a standout title for fans of the genre seeking a romance-rich experience.

Popular Pick: Kent

Among the game’s cast, Kent stands out as the ultimate sweetheart, capturing the hearts of players with his logical yet endearing personality. Initially, his methodical approach to relationships and love may seem daunting, but as the story unfolds, his genuine affection and efforts to understand the protagonist’s heart shine through. Kent’s character development is a testament to the game’s ability to create complex, relatable characters. His transition from a man who relies on logic to someone who embraces emotions makes his route especially rewarding. Kent’s dedication to the protagonist, combined with his unique charm, solidifies his status as not just a love interest but a memorable partner in the journey of Amnesia: Memories.

Rune Factory 4

The Harvest Moon games were some of the first titles in the gaming world to combine gameplay and dating mechanics, featuring a complicated marriage system and many events such as festivals and happenings around town. The series evolved into several games/spin-offs, resulting in the creation of the Rune Factory series.

These games allowed the player to farm as usual, as well as explore dungeons, complete side quests, have animal companions in battle, and more. Rune Factory 4, which is considered one of the best Rune games, features a marriage system that allows players to choose from a variety of candidates. Although it’s not an easy feat, when players marry a character, they can live at their house as well as have a child together.

Popular Pick: Dolce

One of the best female options for the game is Dolce, a female puppeteer with a cheerful ghost companion named Pico. Dolce is sarcastic, but has a warm heart and an interesting backstory, gradually warming up to the character as time goes on, making her a great option for any male protagonist.

Other Notable gaming romance suggestions from our editors:

Mitsuru Kurijo and Aigis (Persona 3), Shinjiro and Akihiko (Persona 3 Portable), Rise, Yukiko,Naoto, and Marie (Persona 4), Curie, Piper, MacCready (Fallout 4), Arsene Lupin (Code: Realize), Touka, Rin (Akiba’s Trip), Ashley Williams, Liara (Mass Effect),  Dolce (Rune Factory 4), Tharja, Lucina, Cordelia, Owain, Gaius, Henry (Fire Emblem Awakening),  Shin (Amnesia: Memories) , Ratchet (Sakura Wars), Cliff (Harvest Moon), Yennefer and Triss (Witcher 3), Cassandra, Cullen (Dragon Age Inquisition), Jun (Persona 2), Faris Nyannyan (Steins;Gate), Forte and Vishnal (Rune Factory 4)

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