GamesHow Many People Play Overwatch? 40 million.

How Many People Play Overwatch? 40 million.

**Update 12/27/18: Our most recent official number for how many people play Overwatch comes from Blizzard, whose last claim came in May 2018 when they said there are 40 million players. That was many months ago, and the number dropped when Brigitte was introduced. How many dropped off since then is unknown, but if you’re looking for the most recent official number from Blizzard, it’s 40 million.

—-Original Article Posted June 2016—–

The biggest game launch in 2016 is clearly Overwatch, and now Blizzard has their proof.

Activision Blizzard’s latest financial report revealed exactly how many people play Overwatch, claiming that 15 million people are playing their latest game. This puts Overwatch ahead of Diablo 3 when it comes to being the fastest-selling PC game in China. The company also noted that it’s currently the most popular online game in Korea as it takes up nearly 30 percent of the total playtime in Korean Internet Game Rooms.

Those 15 million players have played over 500 million hours of the hero shooter. This means that playtime has more than quadrupled since the first round of financial reports that included Overwatch in them. Just nine days after the game’s release, its 7 million players had already accumulated a total of 119 million hours played.

Between Overwatch, Hearthstone, and WoW, Activision Blizzard noted that its Monthly Active Users metric is the highest it has ever been with 33 million players between the three. Now that we know exactly how many people play Overwatch, it’s likely that the news alone is excitement enough to bring even more people into the game.

Overwatch is, so far, our choice for game of the year, and it’s one of the games on our list of the most anticipated games of 2016 that actually lived up to the hype.

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