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Introducing Snack Much, Nerdmuch.com’s New Snack Destination


For those of you who don’t pay attention to our social media channels, first: shame on you, and second: you’ve missed a big announcement from us. Yesterday, we debuted a new header called Snack Much, which will soon become your favorite destination for finding new snacks to buy.

Snack much
A preview of Snack Much.

Here, you’ll find a heavy helping of our favorite snacks, which have been hand-picked by our staff. What sort of foods will you find on here? Well, that will vary, but we’ll be focusing on gourmet (and not so gourmet) snacks, unique candies, new flavors of your favorite brands, and even coffees and beer (although, we plan to keep those two limited because it could quickly become a rabbit hole we simply don’t want to lead you down).

No, the food won’t necessarily have a nerdy spin of any sort, although snacks that do will likely get some preference (go check out the Harry Potter tea we have featured!!).

We’re super serious about our snack choices here, and you should be too. So, we’ve added the new section to share some of our favorites with our community, and hopefully, you’ll share your favs with us as well.

Sure, we could’ve just added the section to our Cool Stuff category (which is sort of a potpourri for cool finds), but we didn’t want to clog it up with food. So, voila, a new section here at Nerdmuch.com.

How often will we be updating Snack Much? Well, as often as humanly possible, so expect at least 2-3 new snacks added every week.

So go check out Snack Much, and let us know what you think, and if you’re digging it, please, please, please share it with your friends. And as always, stay tuned to Nerd Much? for more — we have other things coming soon as well.

Bobby Bernstein
Bobby Bernstein
Bobby is the Co-Owner of Nerd Much?. He's the former Games Editor and current Commerce Editor at Heavy.com, former Editor in Chief of Den of Geek, and former bylines at HiConsumption, Game Rant, Slickdeals, and more! He has been writing on the web for over 10 years. The best way to reach him is on Twitter.

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