GamesSquare Enix RPG Last Idea Leaks

Square Enix RPG Last Idea Leaks

It looks as though a new Square Enix RPG not named Final Fantasy could be headed our way. Internet sleuths over at Gematsu have found a few new Japanese trademarks for unannounced titles. With the most prominent among them being a filing by Square Enix for something called Last Idea.

The title Last Idea is comical coming from Square Enix. The project’s title could be easily compared to the biggest RPG in gaming, Final Fantasy. With “Last” being a synonym for “Final” and an “Idea” being comparable to a “Fantasy”.

To further back the trademark filing, a fledgling Japanese Twitter account with the address of @LASTIDEA_RPG was just created last month. There’s no confirmation of the trademark and Twitter account being connected, but due to how closely in time they were both created, a link is likely. There doesn’t appear to be an email address directly connected to the Twitter account, so narrowing down the handle’s owner isn’t possible at this point.

The Twitter account handle is also the reasoning for our confirmation that Last Idea is an RPG. But it’s not a surprise regardless, as Square Enix’s is perhaps the most prominent RPG making publisher in gaming.

Last Idea wasn’t the only title unveiled by Gematsu though. The outlet also found a Bandai Namco Entertainment Japanese trademark for something called Fairy’s Requiem. And Sega also filed a Japanese trademark for Puyo Puyo Champions. None of these titles have yet to be formally announced by the publishers attached.

Last Idea has likely been in development of some form for a while now. But the fact that promotion for the game looks to be just now gearing up means we won’t see it hit retail for quite a while. It’s entirely possible that this project turns out to be a early launch window title for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox One successor. We’ll have to just sit curiously until Square Enix is ready to show their cards.

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