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Lego Dimensions is Shutting Down

As is being reported over at Eurogamer, Lego Dimensions is apparently no more. Originally planned as a three year initiative for the toys-to-life product, it will unfortunately be ending after only two.

The news comes following poorer than expected sales for the games and toys. On top of that, the product is apparently particularly expensive to manufacture. Due to the series’ wide swath of IPs involved, a mass run of any particular toy could never be done. Thus, smaller, more expensive productions of each piece had to be ordered. And due to the series’ mediocre sales, there was no profit margin to be had.

TT Games will continue with the Lego brand – just not the toys-to-life based Lego Dimensions. The studio is still poised to release the typically well received Lego game franchises. More specifically, coming down the pipeline are The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.

In an internal email obtained by Eurogamer, TT Games studio manager Dave Dootson said the following to his staff:

“Thanks so much to everyone for making Dimensions possible. As difficult as it has been, it is worth celebrating the incredible achievement it represents in the quality of the game, the amazing blend of IPs and the challenging technical demands it presented. It stands as a real testament to the talent within TT.”

Eurogamer states that there is currently no formal plans from TT Games to announce the end of the product. Instead, they’ll let the game and toys remain on shelves through their last holiday season, hoping to get one last Christmas rush on the product.

When asked for comment on the reported shut down, the series’ publisher Warner Bros. had little to say. Instead, they simply told Eurogamer that their plan was to “look at the future product slate.”

Regardless, hats off to TT Games for their work on everything that Lego Dimensions encompassed. The scope of their games and toys was quite the massive undertaking, yet most executed upon their vision quite well.