N64 Classic Edition Could Be Coming, Patent Filed by Nintendo

There could be mounting evidence that a N64 Classic Edition is on the way. Nintendo has filed a new patent in Japan for the N64 with verbiage that sounds indicative of a new iteration of the console.N64 Classic Edition

We could be merely grasping at straws here, but a new Japanese patent was filed by Nintendo for the term N64. The purposes of the patent include “video game program, controller for game machine, joystick for video game machine, TV game machine and more.”

Of course, companies reapply for patents all of the time in an effort to protect their intellectual properties. But with Nintendo’s recent track record, it’s hard to imagine that a N64 Classic Edition isn’t coming sometime soon – perhaps even later in 2018.

The NES Classic Edition launched in November of 2016 and flew off of shelves throughout that holiday season. It sold over 2.3 million units, and likely would have sold more if Nintendo didn’t have issues producing a steady supply. The system was incredibly well received. Many people’s only gripes were the inability to find one and the controllers having unusually short cords. Nintendo plans to rerelease the NES Classic Edition for a second run beginning June 29th.

The Super NES Classic Edition was also a huge success for Nintendo following its September 2017 debut. During the company’s 2018 fiscal report, they announced that 5 million units of the console had been sold. And while the system was more plentiful than the NES Classic Edition, the console was still hard to find at times. The Super NES Classic Edition too will have a significant supply boost coming at the end of June.

There’s little doubt that a N64 Classic Edition is coming our way sometime in the near future. But the system could prove trickier to produce than its two predecessors. For one, the Nintendo 64 focused heavily on the system’s ability to incorporate 4 players at a time. And the console’s controllers will certainly be more expensive to produce than the NES and Super NES varieties. There’s also a shot that a Game Boy Classic Edition could find its way into production before the N64 Classic Edition does. But again, that’s merely speculation.

The NES Classic Edition was announced in July 2016 while the Super NES Classic Edition was first shown in June 2017. If the N64 Classic Edition is coming later in 2018, we should be hearing about its existence sometime in the next couple of months.

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Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott
Growing up a 90's kid, Jeff found his love for gaming during Nintendo's heyday. Because of that, you could (perhaps sadly) call him a "Nintendo Fanboy" to this day.

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