GamesOur E3 2018 Predictions for Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo

Our E3 2018 Predictions for Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo

It wouldn’t be E3 season without predictions regarding the big three: Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. This episode of The Bulletin involves us looking into that E3 crystal ball to give you our E3 2018 predictions for Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox.

There’s no denying that Nintendo has been killing it lately with the Switch but how can they possibly maintain their own hype? They’re going to have to do a lot to keep up this momentum which means we should be getting dates for upcoming major releases, bundles (like a Metroid Prime collection) to set the tone, and ports of beloved games. I, for one, can’t wait to see the inevitable Nindies showcase.

Speaking of things I can’t wait for: what will PlayStation do this year to be extra & artsy? Their stage presence is always a joy to watch. As far as games, they’ll be reminding us of titles from last year, showing us Kingdom Hearts (because of course), rolling out another nostalgia trilogy, and giving us another remaster/remake of an overrated PS2 game. But the real question is how will Death Stranding be presented this year? I’m hoping for a PowerPoint with an interpretive dance.

Xbox’s conference has been a rough one in recent years (i.e exclusives or lack thereof ). But I’m really hoping to see some Ori and Will of Wisps. Microsoft will highlight Sea of Thieves in an attempt to save it from the mediocre reception its received thus far. The Xbox One X and OG Xbox games will take the spotlight. And, lastly, we can always count on their classic indie montage video.

Be sure to watch the whole video to get the full scope of our predictions. Comment on the video with your own predictions and be sure to like and subscribe. Stay tuned for more of The Bulletin: a series where we delve into some hot topics and ideas around the wonderful world of gaming.

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