GamesOverwatch League Introduces the Dallas Fuel

Overwatch League Introduces the Dallas Fuel

The final three teams of Overwatch‘s twelve squad league, consisting of Dallas, Houston and Philadelphia, were announced just a couple weeks ago. Today, the Dallas team has stepped up to introduce themselves.Overwatch-League-Dallas-Fuel

Welcome the Dallas Fuel. The Dallas Fuel are the first United States based team to get a full unveiling. They follow the first Overwatch team to brand themselves, the Shanghai Dragons. The names of the first two teams appear far more marketable and straightforward compared to those from Overwatch‘s prior seasonal teams — much like we suggested they would be in this article a few months ago.

Randy Chappel, managing director at Hersh Interactive Group, confirmed the reasoning for the design choice of the team’s logo, stating “the logo and identity of the Dallas Fuel franchise recognize the heritage and strength of the energy sector in Texas and the business history of Ken Hersh. A powerful spark of energy is what Hersh Interactive Group and the Dallas Fuel intend to bring to the eSports industry. We are excited to be the home team for Dallas.”

The Fuel’s Owner, Mike Rufali, is Texas born and also owns the professional Team Envy team. Known as “The Boys in Blue”, Team Envy sports blue, gray and black in their logo designs. The Dallas Fuel took those colors and implemented them into their design choices.

“We’re thrilled to bring a championship-caliber franchise to the area with the Dallas Fuel,” Rufali said. “In choosing a name, we wanted to speak to our Texas roots, connect with the legacy of our partners Ken Hersh and the Hersh Interactive Group, and provide a rallying cry for local fans as eSports continues to grow. Fuel accomplishes that, and the Dallas Fuel is a team we’re proud to permanently plant in Texas.”

The Dallas Fuel coincided their reveal with the announcement of the signing of Overwatch player Brandon Larned, also known as Seagull. The team states that at age 24, “he’s arguably the most famous Overwatch player in the world.

Mike Rufali has bigger plans for Dallas though. “Bringing an Overwatch League franchise to Dallas with the Dallas Fuel is just the beginning,” he said. “We plan to make the area a hub for eSports culture and fandom—with professional teams, an arena for thousands of cheering fans to watch live competitions, training centers and more.”

The Overwatch League will begin preseason play on December 6th with exhibition matches featuring all twelve of its teams. Expect reveals of the final ten in the near future. The regular season kicks off on January 10th.

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