GamesOverwatch Winter Wonderland Event Returns December 11th

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Returns December 11th

As December begins, the early signs of winter are upon us. But the season doesn’t officially get started until Blizzard says so. And this year, Blizzard says the season begins on December 11th with their annual Overwatch Winter Wonderland event.

Blizzard hasn’t doled out the details on their 2018 rendition of the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event yet. They’ve only provided a “Save the Date” video teaser via the Twitter clip above. But we likely know what to expect at this point based on what the team has done in years prior and quotes from the development team.

Last year brought us a new brawl in Yeti Hunter and the return of Mei’s Snowball Offensive. It’s entirely possible that Blizzard we roll this duo of festive modes out once more for this year’s Overwatch Winter Wonderland event. As blizzard was prepping to launch their Halloween Terror event a couple months back, Overwatch’s director Jeff Kaplan warned fans to keep their expectations in check. He said the team is “focusing less on adding new versions of sporting events and focusing on these other things.” That’s likely still the case now since that quote was given to us just a few months ago.

Still, there will certainly be some holiday themed skins and emotes that you’ll be able to pick up. 2017’s Overwatch Winter Wonderland event saw holiday transformations for the Black Forest, King’s Row and Hanamura maps. Expect those to return, in addition to Blizzard World getting a festive makeover. You can see a glimpse of that in the Twitter video above.

We’ll have to wait until Blizzard announces what their actual plans on for this year’s Overwatch Winter Wonderland event before we can set our expectations accordingly. With the event returning in just a week from today, we shouldn’t have much longer until we get some firm details.

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