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Our bread and butter here at Nerd Much? is video games, as it’s what we personally place the most value on. While we love a good movie or a good show, a great game can really engage and keep us interested. So, stay tuned to NM For all of the latest gaming news, reviews, and features, without the fluff. We’re going to tell you if we love a game, but we’re also going to tell you if we think it’s horse poop. We don’t like horse poop, and neither should you.

skater XL mods

The Best Skater XL Mods: An Essentials Guide (May 2020)

Find the best Skater XL mods with our ultimate guide of essentials
wrestlemania arcade game marvel

Wrestlemania The Arcade Game Meets Marvel Mash-Up Would Be Dope

This is a mash-up idea we'd LOVE to see. Wrestlemania The Arcade Game meets Marvel.
Skater XL

Is Skater XL Coming to Xbox One and PS4?

Wondering if Skater XL is coming to consoles? Well, here's what we know.
best board game apps

9 Best Board Game Apps for Android & iOS (2020)

Digital board game apps can be a great way to enjoy your favorite games, and there are a handful of faithful adaptations that stand above the rest.
Apex Legends Tips

50 Apex Legends Tips & Tricks: The Ultimate Guide

All the Apex Legends tips to make you better
zombie army 4 dead war review

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review

Have we been here before? Yes. Do we care? No.
game releases 2020

All Video Game Releases of 2020 (Updated!)

Every. single. confirmed. release date. 2020.
best mystery games

10 Best Detective Mystery Games You Have to Play (Updated)

From the latest Criminal Minds or any of the best mystery books, there's no doubt that crime and detective stories have made an impact on pop...
pokemon sword and shield preview

Pokemon Sword and Shield Preview: Hands-On

We went hands-on with Pokemon Sword & Shield, and, well, we have thoughts.