GamesPast Cure Release Date Set For February

Past Cure Release Date Set For February

Phantom 8 Studio has announced a release date for their game Past Cure, February 23, 2018. The game will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Throughout its development Past Cure has won its fair share of awards, including the Public’s Choice award from Game Connection.

Past Cure is a story inspired by the movie Inception, blurring the lines between dreams and reality. The game is a psychological thriller with an “intense, cinematic, story-driven experience,” as described by the developers.

You play the part of a former soldier, living with his brother while he recovers from the horrible experiments his captures put him through. Revenge becomes a need, however, and soon the soldier ventures out to both get a grasp on reality and make sure the right person pays for what they did to him.

Not only is the main character particularly unstable, these experiments gave him “hidden powers of the mind” like time manipulation and telekinesis. There is a cost, of course, and every time he uses his powers, his sanity slips further and further away. His dreams and nightmares leech into his reality until telling the difference can no longer rely on a spinning top.

Gameplay, according to Phantom 8, has plenty of action and stealth elements. You will be able to sneak around corners, punch out your enemies in hand-to-hand combat, and gun them down in whichever method you would like. There will be some puzzles to solve too as you take this journey of revenge and a little insanity.

For such a small budget game, Past Cure is certainly up there in the graphics department. There is no word on the price yet and it will really depend on how large the game and complex the game is.

Past Cure is a good idea, taking a different spin on the Inception plot line by using actual psychological powers rather than technology and the suspension of disbelief.

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