GamesPokemon GO's Snapshot Mode Now Available on Android

Pokemon GO’s Snapshot Mode Now Available on Android

Pokemon GO‘s GO Snapshot mode went live earlier today but only for Android devices. Rest assured the mode is coming to both Android and iOS but those with an iPhone will have to wait for a change.

For those who have been out of the loop, Pokemon GO’s GO Snapshot mode allows players to select a specific Pokemon and throw a Poké Ball to the desired location. From there you can adjust the angle to get your ideal shot. If your Pokemon isn’t looking the right way you can even brush your finger across the screen to make sure it’s facing you for its photo-op.

Additionally, Niantic said the Real World Platform technology will scan the environment and place your Pokémon at the proper scale to ensure photos look realistic. This may be the closest thing we get to another Pokemon Snap.

While photo mode may seem trivial to some, it adds an extra layer of immersion. This may be the next best thing, when it comes to bonding with your team, since the buddy system was added to the game.

As soon as Pokemon GO came out one of the first things players did was take screenshots while using the game’s augmented reality mode. The results were hilarious, cute, and strange.

Now that the game is getting an official photo mode, however, things will no longer be up to chance. You can create these fun moments for yourself. This will add a new layer to social media sharing when it comes to the game as photos can be blasted online “with a couple of quick taps” and images are automatically saved to your mobile device.

It will be interesting to see how else this will build on the base game. Perhaps we’ll see photo related community challenges next.

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