GamesPUBG On Xbox One Gets Latest Patch

PUBG On Xbox One Gets Latest Patch

The latest update for PUBG on the Xbox One has gone live. PUBG Corp. is clearly working hard to get ahead of the numerous issues plaguing the Xbox One version. This is the 6th patch for the game since it launched in mid December as an Xbox Game Preview title.  PUBG

There’s nothing too substantial about today’s patch. It’s essentially just quality of life enhancements to the title. However, the ability to auto-run is being implemented which makes traversing the vast map far more convenient.

As far as bugs go, collision detection around the Military Base has been repaired. Excessive camera shake has been reduced while in vehicles. And other general adjustments to the overall game have been adjusted. PUBG Corp. is also promising “continued optimizations and crash fixes” as they do with every patch that rolls out.

Again, these aren’t substantial improvements to the overall game by any means. But they are things that will slowly but surely begin to build toward a far better 1.0 version of PUBG when it’s ready for release. Here are the patch notes in full:


  • Auto-run function has been added (from a standstill, double clicking L3 will activate auto-run)
  • Players can now drop equipped weapons with Y button when inventory screen is active
  • Grenades can once again be cycled by tapping right on D pad
  • Players can now cancel casting actions while the inventory screen is active


  • Continued optimizations and crash fixes


  • Game controller guide has been updated

Bug Fixes

  • Buildings around the Military Base have had their collision adjusted
  • Camera shake when riding as a passenger in vehicles has been reduced
  • Inventory character models have returned to their normal stance
  • Fixed a camera issue created by unintended Aim Down Sights and Free Look interactions
  • “A” button will no longer refresh game results screen
  • Team UI will now correctly show the proper direction teammates are facing over larger distances
  • Player changes to markers on the in-game map will now be properly applied to their teammate’s in-game map
  • Fixed an issue where switching to throwables under certain conditions left the player empty-handed
  • Adjusted character positioning when exiting vehicles and parachutes

With over 3 million players on the Xbox One now, PUBG is certainly a hit console exclusive for Microsoft. Hopefully, PUBG Corp. can iron out all the kinks and deliver Xbox fans a proper release relatively soon.

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