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Resident Evil, RE4, and RE 0 Coming to Switch

Resident Evil Switch

The Nintendo Switch has a ton of great games on it. But what it doesn’t have (at least in America) is an installment from the Resident Evil series. Well, that’s poised to change next year, as Capcom has announced that producing several Resident Evil Switch ports.

Although they aren’t ready to give out details, the publisher confirmed that the original Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Zero are all coming to Nintendo’s system. It’s unclear what form these Resident Evil Switch games will take, but the trio all originated on the Nintendo GameCube. They could be remakes that take advantage of the Switch’s specs, or they could just be ports of the older titles that Capcom plans to release to the Nintendo eShop.

Whatever form this Resident Evil Switch games take, Capcom clearly selected some solid entries from the series. The original Resident Evil remake was released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002 and scored a 91 on Metacritic. Resident Evil 4, regarded by many as the best in the franchise, released in 2005. It too originated on the GameCube and holds a Metascore of 96 on the console. Resident Evil Zero came to Nintendo’s GameCube first as well. Releasing in 2002 after the original Resident Evil’s remake, it currently has an 83 on Metacritic.

Capcom’s Resident Evil series is alive and well, and it looks like the publisher is diving into the history of the series more than ever. In addition to the trio mentioned above, they also have their Resident Evil 2 remake heading to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25th. The game is looking pretty damn fantastic from what we’ve seen. It makes you wonder whether Capcom has anything up its sleeve for the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis next year.