GamesTrailmakers Now In Steam Early Access

Trailmakers Now In Steam Early Access

Flashbulb Games have revealed that Trailmakers is now in Early Access on Steam. Not only that, but it will be coming to the Xbox One via the Preview Program “later this year.”

Trailmakers is an open-world racing game where you can build your own vehicle with the parts you find around “a hazardous alien world.” The world has a variety of landscapes, including wide canyons that will have your opponents eating your red dust, mountains, and rivers.

Your vehicle can literally be anything you want it to be, even a “sleek fighter jet” or “a rocket-powered racer.” Each part you pick up will have “its own physical rules,” so be sure to take size and weight into account as you build your perfect vehicle.

The Creative Mode can be played with up to four players and allows players to have an infinite supply of scraps and items for crafting the best vehicle possible. Flashbulb encourages players to make whatever their hearts desire, your imagination is the limit in Trailmakers.

Trailmakers also has a single player Expedition Mode, which has you start with the bare minimum of parts. You get four wheels, a frame, a seat, and an engine. The rest is up to you. Go forth and find more supplies to improve your vehicle, get the engine that will take you up that mountain, or the wings to help you fly over the map. The sky, as it were, is the limit in Trailmakers.

Flashbulb Games is a studio made up of many game industry veterans from Press Play (a studio shut down by Microsoft, famous for their work on Max: The Curse of Brotherhood), Rare (Banjo-Kazooie), Square Enix (Final Fantasy), and CCP (Eve Online).

Creative director Mikkel Thorsted is proud to present Trailmakers as just plain fun, “we want everyone to feel as free as their untamed imaginations allow.” Thorsted adds that he and the studio “can’t wait to see the vehicles our players will dream up throughout Early Access.”

Trailmakers Early Access is on for $19.99 USD with a current 10% off sale making it $17.99 USD.

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