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Unravel 2 Shadow Dropped at E3: OUT NOW!

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*Update 6/9/18: EA has SHADOW DROPPED Unravel Two during their E3 press conference. It’s a co-op experience that’s available RIGHT NOW!*

—–Original Story May 16th, 2016——

It looks like EA’s surprise hit is getting a sequel, as the company has confirmed that they’re working on an Unravel 2.

Electronic Arts has announced that they’ve extended their partnership with Unravel developer Coldwood Interactive, later confirming to IGN that the studio would, indeed, be working on an Unravel sequel.

Unravel first made waves after being unveiled at E3 2015, with EA showing off the game’s indie-like charm and visuals during their press conference. The game released earlier this year (February) to favorable reviews, with most praising its thoughtful story and adorable protagonist, Yarny.

I’ll note that there isn’t any information available pertaining to Unravel’s sales, but judging by the fact that EA has decided to throw more money at it, the game apparently sold well-enough.

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