GamesWorld of Warcraft Removes Entry Fees, Now Subscription Only

World of Warcraft Removes Entry Fees, Now Subscription Only

Blizzard has apparently changed the way in which we’ll be paying for World of Warcraft going forward. They developer has stripped the online RPG of all upfront fees and will now simply require a monthly subscription to play.

In the past, Blizzard forced players to purchase a Battle Chest in order to begin their adventure within World of Warcraft. That’s now no longer necessary to start playing the game, and it appears as though Blizzard has outright removed the ability to purchase Battle Chests period from

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Their website now reads that you’ll just need to “Subscribe and join the adventure”. It states the following in full:

“Get access to World of Warcraft and every expansion through Legion with your subscription—no additional purchase required. Begin your journey today and play up to level 110 through six expansions of adventure!”

The upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion isn’t mentioned in the statement above, so you’ll surely have to pay a premium price to gain access to that upon its debut next month. But other than the upcoming Battle for Azeroth content, a monthly subscription rate look as though it will unlock all of the previous content for you to experience within the game.

This is status quo for Blizzard for the most part. As each new expansion releases for the title, Blizzard typically converts the previous one to free-to-play via a World of Warcraft subscription. The tweaks in charges appear timely though. Blizzard’s Battle for Azeroth expansion for World of Warcraft is launching on August 14th. The pre-patch is available now for download.

If you’re uninitiated yet interested in Blizzard’s iconic online RPG, you can jump in for a single month for $14.99. The 3-month package goes for $13.99 a month, saving you $12 a year. And the 6-month deal goes for $12.99 a month, keeping a cool $24 in your pocket annually.

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