Gigantic Season of Souls Update Details

Gigantic has a brand new update, Season of Souls, that comes with a new hero, map, and more. Season of Souls is available now for the Xbox One and PC.

The hero is called Ezren Ghal and we once again see how the amazing art of Gigantic makes characters come to life. Or not, as Ghal is a necromancer. With this character you can collect souls and trade them in for even more powerful abilities.

Ghal does this by draining his opponents of said soul during combat, which can be a real pickle if you’re on the wrong end of that. Doing this also counts towards Ghal’s special ability, which is a more powerful attack.

The new map is called Ember Grove, another beautiful setting for any Gigantic battle. This area is “ancient” and apparently “home to bug witches.” There’s plenty of height that can be gained in this map, if the hero you choose happens to have that ability. Most of them do, in their own way. Along with height, Ember Grove has places to hide from enemies and slip from view.

The update also includes the Gigantic version of Halloween skins, the Grim Repertoire. As you can see in the trailer above, this gives all the characters a spooky and gothic appearance.

Other changes in this update include a new batch of player icons (some are exclusive to early supporters of the game), team chat has been extended to the hero menu before a match (giving players a chance to strategize and pick the perfect team), and various improvements in matches, the shop, and hero interactions in battle.

If you don’t already know, Gigantic is a free-to-play arena battle multiplayer. All in third person, the idea to take out the other team’s Gigantic and to protect your own. The gameplay is fast-paced and dynamic, a perfect compliment to the beautiful art style of the game.