Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Groot Ornament

If you’re looking to make your Christmas tree just a little geekier, this Groot ornament is sure to do the trick. From the Hallmark Keepsake line, this depiction of Groot is from the most recent film in the series, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

For the sake of convenience, Hallmark has been kind enough to offer this little Groot online, and it’s available on Amazon. This way, there is no need to walk into your nearest Hallmark store and risk sorting through all the Disney princesses to get at the Marvel ornaments.

Groot plays “Flash Light” by Parliament with a push of a button at his feet. It’s not the most known song for most of the younger audience that might enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy, but it is the epitome of funk from the 70s.

George Clinton, the man that led the band, wrote funk into the pages of music history books. As such, though Parliament may not be well known to younger folks, the band made quite the mark in the 70s. Nevertheless, nothing like that old funk music to remind you of everything Star-Lord and Rocket.

To get that music going, you’ll need 2 LR44 batteries that are included. Just in case the batteries run out of juice, however, they are completely replaceable. This Groot stands at 4.2″ tall and his base is 3.3″ wide and 1.8″ deep. He is made entirely out of plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dropping him, especially if your pet decides the song is annoying and takes Groot off the tree.

Groot looks exactly as he does in the film. No longer the Baby Groot in his little plant pot, teenage Groot is short but sturdy with a tough-looking core and thick branch legs. He wears a small smile and seems poised mid-dance move.

His eyes are the usual beady black and his “hair” is brown with a little moss here and there. The base he stands on is silver and textured much like the floor of a space ship, giving the appearance of metal grating.

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