Fantastic Voyage Remake Circling Guillermo del Toro

In recent years, there have been a number of remakes of classic franchises. One of those remakes planned is the 1966 sci-fi classic Fantastic Voyage with Guillermo del Toro in talks to direct.

The news comes from an exclusive reveal with The Hollywood Reporter. Fantastic Voyage is being developed by Twentieth Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment and will reunite del Toro with James Cameron (At the Mountains of Madness) and David Goyer (Blade 2). The movie is currently being scripted by Goyer and Justin Rhodes.

If you’re not a big film buff, you may be unaware of the original Fantastic Voyage. It involves a team of scientists tasked with saving a fellow scientist’s life. To save him, they have to be shrunk down to the atomic level and sent inside his body inside of a miniature submarine. The original movie took place during the Cold War with the scientist in need of help being a defector who fell into a coma after an assassination attempt.

Originally del Toro was to follow up Crimson Peak with Pacific Rim 2. Sadly, the sequel seems to be post-poned indefinitely, but it leaves del Toro open to choose another project.

After seeing how successful Ant-Man translated to the big screen, we are very excited to see a modern adaptation of Fantastic Voyage. Keep checking back for more as the movie continues its development.

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