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Sneakily taken from the classroom shelves before any points could be deducted from their house, a pair of Hogwarts students went through a great deal of trouble (a portkey may have accidentally placed them in the middle of the lions’ pit at the Central Park Zoo) in order to make these Harry Potter Herbology Storage Jars available for purchase.

Whether you are a student at one of the world’s prestigious Wizarding schools, or you’re simply an alarmingly informed muggle yearning for a taste of the life of one of the magic folk, these glasses are a must own. Sized at 9”, 7”, and 5”, these storage jars are perfect for dampening the screams of your Mandrakes, avoiding the needles of your spiky bush samples, or even storing a bit of your recent brew of Wolfsbane potion. Yet, if the world of witchcraft and wizardry is not quite your style, then these are also perfectly suited for stowing all sorts of goods and/or liquids. Each glass comes with its own cork lid to ensure that no one slips a little bit of Polyjuice potion into your drink.

The glasses are painstakingly painted with what appears to be copies of pages from a Hogwarts herbology textbook. The 9” glass features an illustration of a Mandrake, its associated formal name, plus a couple of notes placed strategically on the container. Such notes are a warning that “EARMUFFS MUST BE WARN” and a factoid which states that “The root of the mandrake can be used to revive those who have been petrified.” Meanwhile, the 7” glass displays an illustration of a Spiky Bush, and the 5” glass depicts a drawing of Wolfbane. Both smaller glasses also feature small notes and stamps that suggest that these glasses have been used for many years within the walls of Professor Sprout’s classroom.

This set of three glasses currently sells for $34.90 from Box Lunch. They are not dishwasher or microwave safe and must be hand-washed.

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