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Where did the Sorting Hat place you? Are you happy with that placement? Maybe you were placed exactly where you wanted, or perhaps you ended up in Hufflepuff and at this point wish you were just a muggle. Regardless, show some pride in the houses of Hogwarts with this Harry Potter Hogwarts House Light Set!

No matter the area you have in mind, be it indoors or outdoors, these lights designed by Kurt S. Adler will provide just the right amount of illumination. Bearing the crests with the associated animals of each house—Gryffindor’s courageous lion, Slytherin’s cunning serpent, Ravenclaw’s wise raven, and Hufflepuff’s loyal badger—it would not be surprising to find these lights in one of the many shops of Diagon Alley. In fact, word around the portkey is that these lights were actually crafted by an underground house-elf sweatshop beneath Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment. Now if you want to support such practices, or even believe such a wild rumor, that is entirely up to you, but the quality of this item should never be questioned.

Rita Skeeter of The Daily Prophet has even described this item as a “must have,” stating in her review that: “Bright and colorful, these Hogwarts House lights are as perfect a fit for your bookshelf as they are for your Christmas tree. Of course, one should bear in mind that such a flagrant display of consumerism that further popularizes a school that has produced more than its own fair share of dark wizards is problematic at best and—” You know what? What Rita Skeeter says beyond that is not too important. All she writes is fallacious drivel anyways.

This item listing specifically includes a 12-inch lead wire, a 6-inch tail with end connector, and 10 colorful lights that are spaced roughly 6-inches apart. It is currently for sale at the affordable price of $24.99 and can be found here.

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