Harry Potter Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Somewhat surprisingly, the Harry Potter Christmas sweater is actually quite ugly this time around. The fault is less in the design as in the colors. There is nothing quite like a distinctly old mustard yellow for both the snowflakes on the arms and two of the logos in the center.

The sweater is made of acrylic and is actually a sweater, albeit a very thin one. The background is entirely in black with a faded beige trim on the collar, cuffs, and hem. Each sleeve is patterned in the usual Christmas sweater snowflakes and geometric shapes. The shapes are in a rusted brown, the snowflakes in the aforementioned mustard color.

The torso of the sweater has a compilation of iconic symbols from the Harry Potter series, including Harry’s Firebolt (rust brown), his glasses (faded beige), a lightning bolt (mustard), Hedwig (beige), the Elder Wand (brown), a golden Snitch (mustard), the Deathly Hallows (brown), and a stag (beige).

It seems a little unfortunate that they chose a stag (a representation of Harry’s Patronus and his father’s Animagus) rather than Snape’s doe Patronus. Depending on your opinion of that pivotal moment, of course, not everyone has been able to forgive Snape for his many transgressions against Harry over the past years.

Despite the honestly abhorrent colors this sweater possesses, it must be said that ugly Christmas sweaters are supposed to be ugly. Old mustard yellow and all. It’s priced at $59.99 USD and apparently runs small, so be sure to size up if you plan on purchasing one.

This sweater would make a great addition to any ugly Christmas sweater party at work. It will at once show your co-workers that you know exactly what ugly looks like and how much of a nerd you are.

You can even test their Harry Potter knowledge by asking them to name the icons on the front. If they pass, well, maybe you can stay friends for another year. If not, you can drink away the disappointment with the company’s punch.

We also included this sweater in our list of the best nerdy Christmas jumpers list. For more awesome Harry Potter holiday things, check out our roundup of the 21 magical Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments.

And as always, if you’re looking for more cool stuff to buy, check out our daily finds.

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