Henry Cavill Done as Superman, Michael B. Jordan Could Be Next

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It sounds as though Henry Cavill’s time as Superman is over. The Hollywood Reporter has sources stating that the British actor is done as the DC Universe’s Man of Steel.

Cavill reportedly had a cameo planned for the upcoming Shazam! movie starring Zachary Levi. But due to scheduling conflicts with Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the actor couldn’t make it happen. Following that, a new contract between Warner Bros. and Cavill’s representation couldn’t be reach, with the former deciding it was time to part ways.

Warner Bros. issued a statement shortly after news broke. They didn’t exactly confirm the news, but they certainly didn’t deny it either:

“While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged.”

The Hollywood Reporter has multiple unnamed sources adding tidbits to the story. One source, which I personally don’t agree with, stated that “Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors.” Another noted that “There’s a recognition that some parts of the previous movies didn’t work.” And a third confirmed that “Warners is trying to hit a “reset” button with the DC universe, steering its ship slowly into another direction.”

Shortly after the news of Cavill’s departure broke, Deadline stated that “Warner Bros. has been mulling a completely different direction with its Superman canon for some time, even considering casting Michael B. Jordan in the role down the road.” It sounds as though that’s no time soon though, as the studio is instead set on getting a Supergirl movie made.

We’ll have to wait and see who dons Clark Kent’s cape down the line, but for now the DCEU rolls on. Aquaman hits theaters December 21st, Shazam! April 5th, and Wonder Woman 1984 November 1st, 2019.

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