Hold Back the Stars to Star John Boyega, Letitia Wright

hold back the stars letitia wright

Sci-fi book to movie adaptation Hold Back the Stars has found its leading cast.

Star Wars hero John Boyega and Black Panther’s Letitia Wright have picked up the leading roles for the upcoming sci-fi movie, Hold Back the Stars, which is an adaptation of last year’s hit sci-fi book by Katie Khan.

The book follows the tale of a man and woman who are trapped in space with only 90 minutes of oxygen left, and to pass the time, they delve into the many memories of their love affair on Earth. Essentially, the tale plays out like Romeo & Juliet in Space.

The film is being directed by Mike Cahill, and as of right now, the film is in indie status, with no studio attached just yet. But now with big stars attached, it should see an easier time finding a studio.

Of course, Boyega is now a mega-star thanks to his role as Finn in the newest Star Wars trilogy, so any film he’s attached to will pique a lot of interest from sci-fi fans as it is. And then, when you add in Wright, who had the lead in one of the most memorable episodes of Black Mirror and a role in Black Panther, it’s clear that Hold Back the Stars has some serious sci-fi talent.

While we personally prefer our sci-fi with less romance and more aliens and whatnot, Hold Back the Stars is on our radar.

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