The Hong Kong Massacre On PS4 Announced

The Hong Kong Massacre was announced back in 2014 for the PC but it seems that the game will also be coming to the PS4. This game is made by two people on the Unity engine, their studio in Sweden is called Vreski. As far as the trailer states, we’ll be seeing this game’s launch sometime in 2018.

As you can see in the trailer, The Hong Kong Massacre looks a lot like Hotline Miami. Perhaps a little more violent as blood soaks the walls and floors of this gameplay clip.

The graphics are also a lot smoother, and gameplay more fluid. The main feature, you might notice, is the ability to slow down time. With this ability you can dodge bullets by rotating your character and take down more and more enemies. There are no details on exactly how this mechanic works, if there is a limit to its use in some way or if is an ability gained later in the game.

The story of The Hong Kong Massacre was a bit loose back in 2014, as the developers stated that the player is to “hunt down a triad leader (or similar) in Hong Kong.” To do this, you must find various witnesses and people connected to the leader. Use them to find more clues and shoot your way into the next unlocked location.

That said, the game is mostly open to you, you don’t need to go in any particular order with the locations. Though if they prove too challenging, it might be best to pick a different one.

Nonetheless, the game looks like a great chapter in the film noir genre – I don’t just mean the hats. Perhaps you play the part of detective and it’s up to you to put a stop to the Triad war. Or perhaps you are a member of the Triad and you need to find the leader so you can throw a coup.

Whatever the case may be, The Hong Kong Massacre looks like it might be a classic in the making. No release date revealed, but it looks like a huge step up from the 2014 announcement.

Source: 2014 announcement.


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