Jamstack Review: A New Necessity For Guitar Players

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A Jamstack review unit was sent to us for review purposes.

I’ve been playing guitar for over seven years, and I’ve used just about every sort of set up you could imagine: a cheap-o starter guitar kit, a Fender Strat with a Fender 15W amp, a USB interface with studio monitors and software, various other amps and pedals, and more. And, I can honestly say, my new favorite way to get some practice in is with the new Jamstack, an attachable guitar amp that can surprisingly crank.

It’s intended to be used with your smartphone or tablet, whether you have an iOS or Android device. However, I’ve found that it works best with iOS and the Tonebridge app. For those not familiar with Tonebridge, it’s an absolutely incredible guitar sound modeling app that makes finding the right sounds you’re looking for super easy. In fact, you can literally just search for a song – say Van Halen “Eruption” or Guns ‘N Roses “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” – and you’ll get a processing amp that you can use right in the software along with your Jamstack.

Jamstack review

The Jamstack is super easy to set up as well. It simply attaches to the top of the head of your guitar and is held in place by the end pin. Once attached, simply connect the Jamstack via Bluetooth to your device, plug your guitar cord into the Jamstack and the Jamstack into your device (it comes with every kind of connector and adapter you can imagine). Voila – pop open the Tonebridge app and you’re ready to go.

It’s that easy, and set up takes less than 30 seconds. Best of all? There’s no need to set up your amp or lug around any of your pedals and wires. That’s the real beauty of Jamstack, in my book – the ability to get to practicing as soon as possible without having to take the time to lug around an amp and pedals. This means you can start jamming at a moment’s notice.

I was admittedly skeptical before plugging in the Jamstack; after all – how good could it really sound compared to the Fender amp I was previously using. But the answer is that it sounds incredibly clear, with no noticeable difference in sound quality between the two. For essentially looking like a Bluetooth speaker you’d have in your home, the Jamstack sounds even better than some of the higher end Bluetooth speakers on the market (like a V-Moda Remix or Harmon Kardon Onyx 4).

Sound output is crystal clear, and you can play it loud and proud without worrying about distortion or poor sound quality. You can also play along with any music in your collection, including today’s hits or jam tracks.

As far as battery life is concerned, the Jamstack has a solid 7-8 hours of jam time before you need to recharge it.

jamstack review

The Jamstack also comes with its own high-quality and well-organized carrying case which includes the Jamstack, guitar picks, and all of the cables you need. My only gripe with what’s included with the Jamstack is that the included Guitar cord felt like it was slightly too short for my guitar. It’s a negligible issue that’s easily fixed, but probably worth mentioning.

I find myself wanting to play my guitar much more often than ever before since it’s no longer a pain in the ass to lug around my amp and pedals. The Jamstack’s carrying case makes it easy to grab off of the shelf and bring wherever I want to jam out. In less than a minute, I’m connected and ready to practice. And when you pair that incredible portability with the Jamstack’s incredible sound, we can’t recommend the Jamstack enough.

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