Joker Origin Movie Appears to Start Shooting in May

Things are apparently chugging right along for the Warner Bros. attempt at a Joker origin film. The latest reports to hit the web indicate that the movie is slated to begin shooting in just a few months.

FlickeringMyth is citing a tweet from Jeff Sneider as the basis for the news. Sneider appears to have access to Warner Bros. Pictures’ data on the project. With numerous identities listed as confirmed for the project:

As you can see above, the Joker flick is still untitled, but is indeed an origin story. Geoff Johns, Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese are “set” as producers. Todd Phillips and Scott Silver are set to write. And Todd Phillips, as we know, will direct. It’s also confirmed to be a standalone project.

The sheet indicates a start date of May 1st, 2018. However, there isn’t a shooting location or a budget listed, so it’s entirely possible this information is outdated. Sneider himself said he obtained it in January. It could be that the May 1st date was simply a placeholder that is no longer accurate. Outside an official announcement from Warner Bros, there’s no way to be sure at this point.

Perhaps most importantly, while the majority of this information looks to be locked in, the one thing that isn’t is who will be playing the iconic villain. Even though we may have received that information just a few weeks ago.

News broke towards the beginning of the month that director Todd Phillips was hoping to land Joaquin Phoenix  for the role of the Clown Prince. Phoenix  was supposedly on board, however, Warner Bros. apparently still needed convincing. We’ve heard nothing official since those reports first started swirling the web.

If filming does indeed start in May, that likely indicates a release date of 2019 for the DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. take on Joker’s history. 2019 could be a big year for the studios, with Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2 landing that year as well.