Junkertown Map Now Live in Overwatch

We’re finally set to get a good look at the home of our favorite criminal masterminds, Junkrat and Roadhog. The duo originally hail from Junkertown but were unceremoniously exiled by The Queen. “What was it that got us the book?” asks Junkrat. “Stealing The Queen’s cash? Blowing up her summer shack? The beat down at the bar?!” Roadhog doesn’t have a response. But Junkrat has a plan.

After a year’s worth of plundering, the team is back in Junkertown with plenty of money and explosives to force their way back home. And as you might imagine, things don’t go quite according to plan:

All of this is just a prelude, of course, to the release of Junkertown – the latest Escort map to hit Overwatch. The map is now live and playable within the game. Junkertown is located in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback. It’s constructed from the remains of a destroyed omnium, so it’s not exactly the prettiest of maps. However, the sheer grittiness of the area has a personality all its own.

In their preview of the map, Blizzard calls Junkertown “the best thing ever.” And while that’s a bit hyperbolic, it’s clear they’re truly enthusiastic about the new area. Junkertown is ruled over with an iron fist by The Queen, who the developers say has a fascinating backstory of her own. It’s also interesting to see in the Map Preview below how Blizzard went about researching environments and gathering sound for the new map. They team visited a deserted and derelict ghost town of sorts. It’s there that they were able to secure some fantastic sound files to be utilized into the maps DNA.

The Escort map begins in Road Hog’s farm, located just outside of Junkertown proper. As the payload advances, you’ll eventually access the inside of the titular locale as you approach the map’s final destination in the Scrapyard. Overwatch‘s Junkertown map is now live for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.