Levelhead Jumps to Steam Early Access Today

Coming to us from the team at Butterscotch Shenanigans is a new level-building platformer for PC and Nintendo Switch. Levelhead was showcased during a recent Nindies event, so Nintendo isn’t worried about the title stealing Super Mario Maker 2’s thunder. But there’s a ton of cool ideas here that should make fans excited for the Levelhead Early Access launch set for today.

The gist of the game seems you playing as a robot employee at the Bureau of Shipping. You’re tasked with delivering packages throughout the galaxy and getting them there in one piece. Though doing so may prove tricky with the seemingly endless amount of hazards that stand between you and your package’s destined location.

You can play Levelhead solo or make your way through levels with friends as the game allows for up to four friends playing together via local co-op. You can also all collaborate together in building your own level too.

When Levelhead Early Access goes live today on Steam, level builders will have a suite of over 100 creative elements at their hands to toy with. You can design within three distinct biomes and implement rule-breaking powerups that are sure to ramp up the chaos.

You can then use the Levelhead Early Access sharing feature to post your creation to the world. Each level is designated with numerous tags that will aid you in finding a level to play that best suits you.

Butterscotch Shenanigans co-founder, Sam Coster, foresee that Levelhead will keep growing and morphing because our players have just as many ideas for its future as we do. And what better way to engage that creativity than with Steam Early Access? TOGETHER WE SHALL BUILD THIS BEAST.”

The developer confirms that while Levelhead Early Access will launch today for $19.99, the Switch version will take a bit longer before it’s in our hands. They list is simply as “later this year.”