The Lord of the Rings Inspired Wine Collection

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In partnership with Warner Bros., Lot18 presents a fine wine collection inspired by The Lord of the Rings series. They are a limited edition series (6000 of each design) and each bottle has beautiful artwork designed after an abstract style made with only one color.The Lord of the Rings Inspired Wine Collection

Frodo, for example, is all done in shades of green to represent the Shire, of which his infamous reading tree is depicted on the bottle. Superimposed over the image of the Shire is a silhouette of Frodo himself. The other bottles, Galadriel, Gandalf, and Aragorn are designed similarly.

The full box of the series is currently on sale for $210 for a dozen bottles. Making that three of each design. If you would like just one of each instead, they are on offer for $75 as a quartet. Individually, Gandalf and Frodo are $20, Galadriel is $18, and Aragorn is $25. The prices are based on the type of wine within and how long they were aged, Aragorn being made in 2015, whereas the others were made in 2016.

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As to the wine itself, Aragorn is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec. The majority being Merlot, this red wine is rich and pairs well with just about any lightly spiced dish. Merlot is not a complex wine, giving it the versatility to be paired with just about any meal, regardless of the type of meat or ingredients used.

Galadriel is a white white, of course, with the “piercing citric flavors” of grapefruit, lemon, and lemongrass. As a lighter wine than a Merlot, Galadriel would pair well with your choice of strong cheeses, vegetable platters, and some white fish.

Frodo has the somewhat redeeming feature of being a Zinfandel with the very usual flavors for such a wine. The primary flavors are blackberry, fig, plum, and raspberry. Not as exciting as one might hope for such a famous hero, but not as plain as Aragorn or Galadriel’s wine.

Last but not least we have Gandalf, a Pinot Noir that is probably the most interesting wine on this list. By the simple virtue of being a Pinot Noir, Gandalf has the flavors of cherry, mushroom, raspberry, and strawberry. This makes it a good wine to pair with more heavy food, like roasted chicken or beef stew.

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Price: $19 – $210 USD

Buy it here.


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