New Luke Skywalker Christmas Ornament From Hallmark (2019) – Available Now!

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“But I was going into Tosche Station to pickup some power converters!”

Twelve words of pure poetry. Who knew that before Luke Skywalker was a Jedi Master, he was a man of beautiful prose? It makes sense that he would master the art of language given that he was raised on a moisture farm in Tatooine with nothing to do other than shoot at some womp rats.

For those familiar with the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars, this new Luke Skywalker Christmas ornament from Hallmark will strike an intimate chord as it creates the iconic moment where Luke looks of into the binary sunset of his desert homeworld, dreaming of a life of adventure (and maybe hoping to finally get his power converters).

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This handcrafted Christmas tree ornament boasts an unparalleled level of artistry and attention to detail; you will completely believe that a miniature Mark Hamill is hanging from your tree. Honestly, maybe this was at one point a real human being, just shrunken down and solidified for our purchasing pleasure. There are clones in the Star Wars universe, so who is to say that the mad geniuses over at Hallmark did not draw inspiration from the galaxy far, far away and make copies of Mark Hamill, only to shrink them down and cast them. There is no other way to explain the perfectly creased robes, the dirtied pants and boots, and the sand-freckled, wind-swept hair that this figure proudly displays.

Currently on sale here, this Luke Skywalker Christmas ornament would make the perfect Star Wars gift for fans in your life, including yourself! So, celebrate the release of the last film in the saga, The Rise of Skywalker, this holiday season, by purchasing a reminder of the film that started it all.

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