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Starting earlier this month, we created a new segment here at Nerd Much called Mash-Up Mondays, and admittedly, we’re already having way too much fun writing them. So far, we’ve written about a Pokemon game in the style of The Witcher 3, a Far Cry game mashed with Back to the Future, and a cool 90s Cartoon fighting game like Marvel vs. Capcom. This week, we’re looking towards one of the most polarizing video game franchises of all-time, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed.

Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable that the Assassin’s Creed franchise needs something new. We’ve been taken to the past so many times already that it’s impossible to believe that we haven’t been taken to the far future. But, we haven’t. So, this week’s Monday Mash-Up is taking the AC gameplay and setting it in a hyper futuristic world, such as the one seen in Blade Runner.

To me, Black Flag should be considered the quintessential Assassin’s Creed. So basing the gameplay off of Black Flag, take that general idea and set it in the far future, in a dystopian city (it doesn’t have to be L.A.). That future should be set much further in the future than 2019 (the year the movie takes place). Instead, set it somewhere in the early 3000s. Admittedly, the story would have to have a quicker pace than the Blade Runner movie, but that’s easier to achieve in a game.

blade runner flying cars
Does this not already look like a video game you’d want to play?

But the video game world is ripe with possibilities for a hyper futuristic setting, as so many ideas can be fleshed-out in a game world much easier than it could be in a movie (simply because there are less reservations when it comes to believability in a video game setting when compared to a movie). Just look at the Blade Runner gif above — do you NOT want to jump into that world?Instead of riding horses, the protagonist could drive a flying car to get form point A to point B. Traversing over floating cars, having cybernetic enhancements and futuristic gear. Instead of Swords of Eden, players would get laser swords (although laser swords aren’t a thing in Blade Runner, it could easily be believed in the world). Instead of throwing knives, players could use some futuristic projectile weapon. There are no shortages of ideas in the line of futuristic weapons — just add lasers!

Futurism, especially when it comes to futuristic games, always excites us here at NM, so the idea of setting Assassin’s Creed in the future sounds great to us. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

Credit goes to Collin for the idea.

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