Monster Hunter World Weapon Details


Capcom has decided to put together a few videos showcasing the details of all 14 weapons that will be available in Monster Hunter World. Whatever your play style is, you can choose whichever weapon you like and feel free to change it up mid-quest if need be. Sometimes you’ll even have to choose the right weapon for the right monster, so be sure to remember the pros and cons of each weapon.

There are three videos that categorize the weapons under light (fast, but don’t deal a lot of damage), heavy (varying degrees of slow and deals plenty of damage), and technical (for those that enjoy changeable weapons with more than function). Under light, we have the sword and shield, dual blades, long sword, and light bowgun. Under heavy are┬áthe great sword, hammer, lance, gunlance, and heavy bowgun.

For the technical category, the weapons are the switch axe, charge blade, insect glaive, hunting horn (who doesn’t love a good set of bagpipes, especially if they provide buffs for the team), and bow. As a button masher myself, I think I’d try out the dual blades or the long sword first, before getting into the other weapon types, as the game clearly favors the heavier artillery.

That said, the lance looks like a happy medium between quick attacks and still able to shield yourself without rolling out of the way. So if you’d rather stay still, or if you are just terrible at anticipating attacks before they come, such a heavy sword and shield combination might be the right choice. Especially with brand new monsters on the roster, it could take a while to figure out their tells if you haven’t played the Monster Hunter games since the beginning. Again, it all depends on your play style and the monster you’re fighting.

Monster Hunter: World launches in early 2018 on the PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version to follow.